• Sights


    Guangzhou features complex and diverse topography and a large network of rivers. With a typical subtropical marine monsoon climate, Guangzhou is blessed with ample sunshine, abundant rainfall and sufficient hydrothermal energy. As a result, Guangzhou is a prime breeding habitat for a multitude of species, with abundant biological resources and a high degree of biodiversity.

  • Transportation


    To strengthen its transportation capacity, Guangzhou has built a number of intercity express ways, Elevated roads, highway bridges and cross-river tunnels. Intra-city transportation consists of buses, tramways, special route buses and subways.

  • Food


    Cantonese cuisine ranks among China's top four cuisines and is comprised of Guangzhou cuisine, Chaozhou cuisine, and Dongjiang cuisine. Guangzhou cuisine is the quintessential form of Cantonese cuisine.

  • Accommodation


    Five-star Hotels in Tianhe district

  • Leisure


    Museums, sports and recreation in Tianhe district

  • Shopping


    Guangzhou is a commercial metropolis with shops and commercial shops that cater to all budgets and all styles. The information here is your best shopping guide.