Explore Huangpu Military Academy on cruise line

Updated: July 10, 2024

Starting from July 6, the round-trip route between Haixinsha and the Huangpu Military Academy operated twice daily. The route takes passengers to the Huangpu Military Academy's former site memorial hall via the Huangpu cruise ship and also includes a tour of the Huangpu Military Academy themed cultural and tourism street.


Huangpu cruise ship. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_ce3bb2268796]

Passengers on the cruise will receive exclusive commemorative tickets, uniquely designed with a hollow vintage camera shape.

The first-floor cabin interior is equipped with many hidden check-in points. The "Time Gazette" displays Republic of China-style tables and chairs along with Huangpu Military Academy cultural decorations. At the stern, a creative area offers passengers the chance to purchase souvenirs. The second-floor open deck allows guests to enjoy the scenery of the Pearl River during the day, experiencing the blend of history and modernity.

Moreover, visitors have the chance to witness the grand light and shadow immersive stage play "Huangpu! Huangpu!", which utilizes multimedia technology to transport viewers through time and evoke a deep reverence for the Huangpu Military Academy's enduring history.