Ganzhou agri-products promoted in Tianhe Updated: May 15, 2024

A sales promotion meeting for agricultural products from Ganzhou, Jiangxi province, was carried out in Guangzhou's Tianhe district on May 11.

A total of five booths were set up to showcase featured agricultural products such as camellia oil, crayfish, rice and fermented chili from Ganzhou's Nankang district.

Representatives of nearly 50 supermarkets and e-commerce businesses from across Guangzhou were on-site to learn more about Nankang's featured agricultural products.


Representatives of Guangzhou supermarkets and e-commerce businesses take a good look at Nankang's featured agricultural products. [Photo/Nanfang Plus]


Many people visit the event and sample some of the products. [Photo/Nanfang Plus]


A livestream took place the same day to further promote Nankang's featured agricultural products. [Photo/Nanfang Plus]