Tianhe innovation valley to see new vision

en.thnet.gov.cn Updated: May 10, 2024

The Regional Planning and Urban Design Professional Committee of the Guangzhou City Planning Commission recently approved the detailed planning for the Guangtang area of the Tianhe Intelligence Valley.

The Guangtang area is set to have Jingyi Road in the north, Guangyuan Express in the south, Keyun Road in the west, and Jianming Sixth Road in the east, covering a total land area of 141.45 hectares.

It is expected to promote integrated industrial development with the Guangzhou International Financial City and the Tian Smart City. By cooperating with the Wushan-encircled innovation source area, it plans to form a closed loop of "source innovation –technological innovation – application innovation" and become an open, sharing, and integrated innovation region in the Greater Bay Area.


A design sketch of the Guangtang area of the Tianhe Intelligence Valley. [Photo/WeChat account: tianhefabu]

The concept of building "a park in the urban area" is also highlighted in the planning. Natural landscapes are set to be everywhere in the Guangtang area while building height will be controlled to form an orderly urban skyline.

Green space, public facilities, and land for transportation are planned to account for 60 percent of the Guangtang area, ensuring the area's high level of public services and the high quality of people's lives.

The Tianhe Intelligence Valley is one of the keynotes on Guangzhou's sci-tech innovation axis. It was included in the Tianhe Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone in 2020 and became a provincial-level hi-tech zone.