Welcome to the Spring Festival Flower Market at Tianhe

Tianhe District Media Convergence Center Updated: February 6, 2024

Welcome to the Spring Festival Flower Market at Tianhe Sports Center. Get ready to experience the enchanting Year of the Dragon in every petal and bloom.


This elegant flower market is a tribute to the traditional Chinese philosophy of city planning and the ancient wisdom of the Five Elements, the corresponding directions, and colors.

Get ready to be inspired by the dragon-themed lighthouse and enjoy the five unique routes: Memories at Archway, Intoxicated in Flowers, Flower Shopping and Parade, Shopping for the New Year, and Intangible Cultural Heritage.

We invite you to discover the six creative themes at the flower market from the 3D Parterre, Archway in the Flower Market, Rare Plants, Colorful Flower World, Theme Flower Show, and Traditional Flower Market.

Let yourself be enchanted by the seas of spring flowers that span over 50,000 square meters.


The entrance is adorned with a 3D parterre of red lanterns, peony lanterns, and lucky koi carp decorations, that echo with the archway.

he archway is like leaping the dragon gate, a symbol of success in Chinese culture.

The archway stands tall with its main structure made up of octagonal columns and an elliptical roof plate. It beautifully complements the urban space.

From this spot, one can view breathtaking vistas and become a part of the surrounding environment.

Gazing towards the south, you'll find the Canton Tower, while towards the north lies the CITIC Plaza.

This archway interacts with the surrounding environment to create a sundial of this era as it inspires multiple cultural images, such as Two Dragons Frolicking with a Pearl, harmony and ideal, and the full moon over the Pearl River.

The archway is 45 meters wide, and memorializes the 45th anniversary of Reform and Opening Up.

The main gate is 6 meters high, and it symbolizes the fact that Tianhe District was created for the 6th National Games of China. 

The highest point is 15 meters, and this represents the tireless efforts made to host the 15th National Games.The archway resembles a hovering dragon from afar, with patterns of bougainvillea on the side and DNA-shaped light strips which suggest dragon scales, like a sparkling river of stars.


The top is decorated with lanterns of dragon boat racing and lion dancing, and its figures in light and shadow convey the spirit of the times to strive to be a champion.

The words on the octagonal pillar bring forth blessings and inspiration for the start of this New Year.

Overlooking the archway, you will be moved by the sensation that it is the heart of ripples; it carries the message of spring to the world through flowers.

As you step through the archway and into the center of the South Square, a world of wonder awaits. Witness the marvel of nature as the flower market showcases 15 rare plant species from the South China National Botanical Garden for the very first time.

With a tapestry of diverse beauties, they weave heartwarming stories of rescue, protection, and return to the wild.

Peach blossoms, orchids, camellias, orange blossoms, as well as seasonal flowers, shrubs, and ornamental fruits on both sides of the flower-appreciation area create a colorful flower world, as they weave the Tianhe embroidery.


The themed flower show boasts a stunning display of classic New Year's flowers, including bromeliad flowers (for good luck), peonies, and numerous orchid varieties.

Floral consultants will be on hand to share helpful tips to maintain and cultivate flowers to help you transform your home into a vibrant oasis.

The Nine Sons of the Dragon King on the ring road will take you into a mystical realm of time and space.

Each of the nine dragons is spaced 100 meters apart.

It takes approximately 5 minutes to walk to each site; roughly 45 minutes to enjoy the entire ring flower market.

Stroll down the flower street and take your great luck with you.

Let this experience be your sophisticated compass, directing you towards a path of success.


In the flower market, you can also enjoy six captivating performances, designed especially for the Year of the Dragon, with dragon and lion dancing, Cantonese opera, acrobatics, Cantonese embroidery, martial arts, and other wonderful examples of tangible cultural heritage.

You can also take part in Chaoyang singing and dancing and stay in tune with the latest internet dance trends.

The flower market offers thoughtful amenities, including mother and baby rooms, warm havens, and medical rooms.

Friendly volunteers are ready to guide you and help you carry your New Year's selections.


With smiles on the branches, we take a walk and raise a cup to invite a spring breeze, while hundreds of flowers greet us.

We wish you a blessed New Year, an auspicious Year of the Dragon, and harmony and success in your life.