Innovative measure in Tianhe improves service efficiency Updated: June 8, 2023

The "Sui Shou Pai" campaign (literally meaning snap pictures at any moment), which was created by the Standing Committee of the CPC Tianhe District Committee in 2020, has been helping the district solve people's problems and worries more efficiently.

Li Xiaomei, a deputy to the Tianhe District People's Congress, uploaded photos of the disorderly parking of shared bicycles to the "Sui Shou Pai" column of the public WeChat account of the Tianhe District People's Congress. The problem was solved in about two hours.

A closed-loop mechanism for "Sui Shou Pai" has now been established, with deputies reflecting on problems, the governmental departments handling them, and the people's congress continuously supervising the overall campaign.

In addition, "Sui Shou Pai" has been connected with the 12345 government hotline and the shared bicycle code scanning verification mini program, allowing relevant problems to be transferred directly to city-level governmental departments.

Chen Beibei, a deputy to the Tianhe District People's Congress and head of Liede Kindergarten, found that some steel plates were left near a new overpass lane, which made huge noises when vehicles drove by. It was stated that the noise was disturbing people day and night.

"I confirmed the situation and upload it to 'Sui Shou Pai' and it was solved the next day", said Chen.

"'Sui Shou Pai' is a flexible supervision method that combines investigation, research and problem solving," said Wang Kun, a deputy to the Tianhe District People's Congress and CEO of Heli Chuangxing Group.

This measure is now being promoted across Guangzhou city, and aims to improve the timely and efficient manner in which problems are solved.