Enterprise digitalization summit takes place in Tianhe

en.thnet.gov.cn Updated: March 16, 2023

A summit focusing on promoting the digital transformation of enterprises recently took place at the International Guangzhou Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Tianhe Base.

Chen Xiaoping, vice general manager of Guangdong Info One Information Technology Co, introduced the risks and opportunities China is facing at present in great detail, giving the audience a greater understanding of the complexities of the digital age. General Manager Li Yinyin from the Guangzhou Doctor Information Technology Research Institute explained the meaning of the creative economy, as well as the far-reaching significance of digitalization and intelligent scientific innovation to the region's high-quality development.


Tianhe is brimming with high-rise buildings. [Photo/WeChat account: gztzth]

A themed salon hosted by Xing Yan, vice president of Guangzhou Gizwits IoT Technology Co, also took place during the summit to discuss the high-quality development strategies for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises as they experience digital transformation in the creative economy era.

In recent years, Tianhe district has been promoting the development of "digital +" emerging industries, and advancing the digital transformation of traditional industries such as tourism services, industrial design, advertising and marketing, and medical and health care.

To date, it has welcomed 242 software enterprises with an operating revenue of more than 100 million yuan ($14.51 million), while four firms, including NetEase, got listed among the top 100 internet enterprises in China.