Tianhe transportation hub to begin operation in mid-2024

en.thnet.gov.cn Updated: March 13, 2023

Guangzhou International Financial City Station, an integrated transportation hub in Guangzhou International Financial City in Tianhe district, is expected to be put into operation in the middle of 2024.


The construction site of the railway station in Guangzhou International Financial. [Photo/WeChat account: tianhefabu]

It will cover a combined floor area of nearly 80,600 square meters, of which 20,000 sq m will be used for commercial purposes. Its construction will include transfer channels, intercity station traffic space, a bus terminal, commercial buildings, a commercial parking lot, a check-in hall, a public parking lot, steel structures, and three interface channels.

Guangzhou International Financial City Station will be an important stop between Guangzhou South Railway Station and Baiyun International Airport, which are on the Guangzhou-Foshan Intercity Rail.

After the completion of the intercity rail's East Loop, it will only take half an hour to travel from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Baiyun International Airport, 10 minutes from the Tianhe central business district (CBD) to Guangzhou South Railway Station, and 20 minutes from the Tianhe CBD to Baiyun International Airport.