Tianhe ranks 2nd on top 100 Guangdong districts, counties list

en.thnet.gov.cn Updated: October 18, 2022

Guangzhou's Tianhe district ranked second on the list of the top 100 districts and counties in Guangdong province in 2022, according to a study that was recently released at the Guangdong sub-forum of the County Economic Innovation and Development Forum.

The district's GDP has ranked first among Guangzhou's 11 districts for 15 consecutive years, and reached 601.22 billion yuan ($94.62 billion) in 2021, accounting for 21.3 percent of the city's total. By the end of June 2022, it hosted a total of 493,000 enterprises and 7,394 enterprises above designated size, both ranking first in Guangzhou.


Tianhe district. [Photo/WeChat account: tianhefabu]

Tianhe has launched 38 reform tasks and 146 reform measures to improve its business environment, enhancing its attractiveness and competitiveness.

Measures were also taken to improve the district's service level for digital economy, including characteristic financing products for scientific innovation, R&D, talents, and rent. It has been carrying out a pilot "park loan" at over 10 innovation carriers, with an accumulative loan amount of over 120 million yuan.

It has also issued a development plan for education during the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) period. It will build two new primary schools and four secondary schools, rebuild or expand six middle and primary schools, as well as add a minimum of 28,000 additional places for students.


South China National Botanical Garden in Tianhe. [Photo by Wang Weixuan/Guangzhou Daily]

The training programs for skilled workers, housekeepers, and Cantonese cuisine chefs in Tianhe have helped unemployed people find a job. By the end of July 2022, it created a total of 31,312 new jobs, and helped 1,715 people with employment difficulties find new jobs.

The construction of a four-level park system that is composed of ecological parks, urban parks, community parks, and pocket parks is also being advanced in the district, aiming to create an ecological and livable environment, while bringing out new and remarkable features in urban functions.