First digital economy lecture kicks off in Tianhe Updated: June 23, 2022

The first digital economy lecture after the Guangzhou Digital Economy Promotion Regulations were implemented on June 1 took place at the Guangzhou International Finance Center in Tianhe district on June 17.

The lecture will include a series of industrial exchange activities related to the regulations, inviting experts, scholars and industry representatives to carry out discussions on the development trends, business models, industry supervision status, and typical cases of the digital economy industry.


The first digital economy lecture takes place in Tianhe district on June 17. [Photo/WeChat account: gztzth]

Guangzhou has been focusing on the development of artificial intelligence and digital economy, promoting the integration and innovation of the digital economy and the real economy, building an AI and digital economy pilot zone along the Pearl River, and boosting emerging industries and new forms of business, said Wang Yutong, director of the digital industry division of the Guangzhou bureau of industry and information technology, at the lecture.

Xie Weihong, dean of the School of Economics and Commerce at the Guangdong University of Technology, noted that issues regarding open data sharing, security protection, data rights confirmation and privacy should be solved, while basic legislation on data security and the protection of personal information should also be accelerated.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing conforms to the needs of customers and businessmen from channel coverage, user marketing, and product performance to accurate and intelligent big data marketing, said Diao Long, VP of YouCloud of Youmi.

Diao added that marketing DaaS and SaaS have become indispensable tools, and marketing has been fully digitalized along the whole chain and life cycle of products.