15 metaverse projects signed to settle in Tianhe

en.thnet.gov.cn Updated: May 30, 2022

Agreements on 15 metaverse application scenario construction projects, which include "metaverse + smart city" projects and "metaverse + game livestreaming" projects, were signed at the Metaverse Innovation Ecology Conference that took place in Tianhe district on May 20.

The conference, hosted by the Guangzhou Digital Economy Association and the International Guangzhou Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Tianhe Base, facilitated communication and exchanges around Tianhe's metaverse industry support policies, industry investment opportunities, the construction of application scenarios, the construction of incubation carriers, industrial innovation consortia, as well as cutting-edge technology trends.

"Tianhe will accelerate the layout of the metaverse industry and promote the deep integration of digital technology and real economy," said Duan Xi, deputy head of Tianhe. "For example, the integration of government services in the metaverse and the introduction of 'digital people' can bring residents a better experience in handling affairs."

In addition, the Tianhe Metaverse Joint Investment Fund was established at the conference, with eight institutions that have over 20 billion yuan ($2.97 billion) in funds under management joining in.

The first batch of 10 metaverse pilot industrial parks, including the Yangcheng Creative Industrial Park and the Times TIT Plaza, were also announced at the conference. Their incubation area covers nearly 1 million square meters, which can release more than 100,000 sq m of industrial space for metaverse-related use.