42 measures issued to boost Tianhe youth league's reform

en.thnet.gov.cn Updated: May 16, 2022

A total of 42 measures have been issued by the Communist Youth League (CYL) of Tianhe district since the district was selected as one of the pilot areas for CYL grassroots organizational reform at the county level in June 2021.

Tianhe has 21 neighborhoods and 221 communities under its jurisdiction, with 41,036 CYL members, which ranks first in Guangzhou. The measures further clarified that the CYL work committee secretary of neighborhoods should be co-held by cadres at the division level aged around 35, as well as appointed a full-time deputy secretary.

To date, 63 youths have been selected to be deputy secretaries of the CYL work committee of the district's 21 neighborhoods, as well as 159 members of CYL work committee, with an average age of 30.3 years.


The CYL of Hopefluent Group Holdings Limited organizes a blood donation activity at Huacheng Square in Tianhe district. [Photo/thnet.gov.cn]

Through the government procurement of public services, Tianhe has provided 26 full-time youth affairs social workers for neighborhood-level CYLs, as well as 21 league construction instructors and 221 part-time assistants. The regular work force of the Tianhe CYL has reached 1,924 people, nearly five times that before the reform.

As the most economically prosperous district in Guangzhou, Tianhe has attracted many young people. The average age of permanent residents in the district is 33.2 years old, the youngest in the 11 districts of Guangzhou.

A variety of team building activities like lectures, training sessions, and community volunteer services were carried out to meet the needs of youth and boost growth.

This year, a special work fund, which is 29.89 percent more than that in 2021, has been provided for the Tianhe CYL to conduct works like helping troubled youth and providing legal services for young people.