Tianhe starts promotion of digital yuan pilot

en.thnet.gov.cn Updated: May 9, 2022

Guangzhou's Tianhe district launched its digital yuan pilot promotion activities on April 29, aiming to accelerate the implementation of more convenient application scenarios for the digital yuan, as well as advance the development of the digital economy in the district and city.


The launching ceremony for the digital yuan pilot promotion activities takes place in Tianhe on April 29. [Photo/thnet.gov.cn]

The district will accelerate the implementation of 26 types of digital yuan application scenarios in three stages. It will focus on the application of digital yuan in seven people's livelihood areas of food, accommodation, transportation, traveling, shopping, entertainment, and medical care. It will then gradually realize the application of digital yuan in 11 specific areas, such as major events, professional markets, and financial payments, as well as advance eight innovative application scenarios like the internet of things and project funds.

Banking financial institutions will play a leading role in Tianhe's digital yuan pilot, promoting the development of "digital yuan + intelligent industrial parks," "digital yuan + smart business circles," and "digital yuan + intelligent government affair services," aiming to create a Tianhe model that can be replicated and promoted.

Currently, Tianhe has been promoting the use of digital yuan in supermarkets and industrial parks.