Folk Culture

Updated: March 15, 2021

Qiqiao Festival

Qiqiao Festival, also known as Qixi Festival, used to enjoy great popularity in many parts of China, especially in Guangdong. Thanks to joint efforts made by local governments and social forces, it still remains very popular among local people in Tianhe.


Handmade shoes by local women. [Photo provided to]

Lion Dancing

Lion Dancing has had a long history in rural areas of Tianhe. Local practitioners often perform lion dances on the occasion of the Chinese lunar New Year, also known as Spring Festival, and other traditional festivals.


A celebration of lion dancing by the Liede Team in 2005. [Photo provided to]


A celebration of lion dancing at Huang Village in 2005. [Photo provided to]

Flower Market

A unique folk scene in China, the flower market for the Chinese lunar New Year in Tianhe embodies ancient traditions and customs observed by local residents and has become an integral part of local people's lives. The district has held a themed flower market every year since 1986.


Tianhe flower market in 1986. [Photo provided to]


Tianhe flower market in 2014. [Photo provided to]